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Welcome, If you have purchased a prepaid package from a pageant event, please check the instructions for ordering that where given to you at the event prior to attempting to place your order. Failure to do so can result in you being overcharged etc This does not apply to weddings and portrait sittings. For such events please proceed to your event and place your order as directed by the site. If you purchased a stage package do not place your order through photoreflect, those images will be sent to you directly

Dance School and pageant galleries!!   Photos displayed are not cropped, color balanced or density balanced. As you can see there are thousands of photos and we can't edit yet so that we can get those galleries up for you in a quick time frame. Once you order a photo it will be fixed to perfection! Please do not order a photo that is not clear however we try to edit those out but somethings we miss one due to time constrictions. Orders may not be emailed right away as we may need to have more time to edit or we could be traveling.